Appy New Year

No, appy is not French for “happy”, it’s all about a few free expat apps and a couple of Lux apps that might come in handy in the new year.


Featuring Luxembourg, with useful information about business services, transportation, community life, education, entertainment, sport, travel etc.


Featuring expat stuff such as moving, communications, “just landed” with country guides (including Lux) and tips on how to make the transition easier for children.


An expat everyday support center run by Carol and Norman. There are tips, suggested solutions and a blog, you can ask questions, make notes and keep a journal – and there’s even a panic button.


General expat discussions (moving, jobs, taxes, driving…) and country specific discussions (Lux for now under “rest of the world”). /

To buy or rent a home according to your specific criteria.

A must for public transportation in Lux.


Nothing to do with expat in Lux really, but it’s a great app, and fun too! Echo a thought, event or discovery and place it on the map for others to see. The best bar, picnic spot, tourist spot, photo op, whatever. You can share an echo or amp one to make it louder (i.e. more visible). Nothing near you? You be the echoer, or take a walk on the map, there might be interesting echoes in another part of town.

Let's hear from you!

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