Feelgood places next door: France

Chez Michele, Languimberg, Lorraine. If you take off from the motorway in the middle of nowhere, just like that, patiently following the row of tractors, you might just get a pleasant surprise. Like “Chez Michele”, a gourmet restaurant where you really don’t expect to find one, with tasteful decor and a cute little garden. Elaborate children’s menus and a lot of extras, especially dessert extras. Almost two hours from Luxembourg, but it could be worth it on a Sunday. Or you could stop there on your way to somewhere nice, like Alsace. Parc animalier de Sainte-Croix nearby. Take the country roads more often!

Hatonchattel Château, Hattonchâtel, near Verdun. Only an hour’s drive from Luxembourg, there’s this small castle/hotel with about 10 rooms in a tiny village (worn-and-grey-yet-oh-so-charming) blessed with a fantastic view. The village is forever grateful to Miss Belle Skinner from the USA, who took pity on them after WWI and rebuilt the castle and parts of the village. No restaurant, but thanks to catering services you might be lucky enough to have the vaulted dining room with a huge fireplace, chandeliers, silver and crystal all to yourself. Lovely Scandi style breakfast (the castle is owned by a Norwegian-Danish couple). Perfect when you visit Verdun (because you do need more than one day to do that).

Hattonchatel Château

Gibus, 5 bis Rue des Jardins, Metz. A real feelgood mix of clothes & doodahs, new & old, a feelgood tip from Ann-Kristin:


Paris, quite simply. And it actually is simple, the TGV will take you there in 2 hours and the schedule allows for a perfect day trip. Doorstep, right? Make sure you get the TGV special offers and plan to go to Paris enough times a year to find your own feelgood places there.

Rodemack, Moselle, the only village nearby which made the list of “les plus beaux villages de France”, right across the border from Luxembourg. It’s oh so quiet, it’s oh so still, you’re all alone, and so peaceful until… Well that’s it really. And oh so pretty and charming; tiny houses, tiny roads, tiny paths along the river. The place is actually so tiny it doesn’t have much more than a pharmacy and a primary school (tiny). But go there!



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