Fresh air never hurt anyone

Bambäsch. It’s so obvious, isn’t it? And so close to the city. Pick a trail and make sure you don’t walk too fast, or you’ll miss the colours, the flowers, the woodpecker, the mushrooms… Be aware of people running like mad, they might be the Get Fit group – you may even wish to join them.

Clausen to Grund: What can beat a nature path bookended by bars!? The footpath goes from The Rives de Clausen to The Grund, taking you along the Alzette, up a turret, then either further along the river or else crossing it via ramparts and continuing through Abbaye de Neumunster. If you can’t be regal, at least you can feel regal. A feelgood tip from Dan.

Coque. The greenery and the pond by the Coque in Kirchberg is a bit of an oasis on a warm summer day. Take a stroll, play boule, let the children run free, enjoy a meal or lounge with a drink at the Kyosk (visit their website to make sure it’s open). A feelgood tip from Lisa.

Esch-sur-Sûre. Take a walk through what might be the prettiest village in Luxembourg, with the castle ruins, along the river and in the surrounding forest areas, maybe in autumn when the Ardennes are on fire. At that time of year, combine it with a game lunch at the Hôtel de la Sûre.

Friskis & Svettis (don’t you just love those cute Swedish names?)  – check out their schedule for outdoor classes: cross training and nordic walking

Merl Park. Also without kids. Bring your book, your blanket, your camera, your running shoes… Try it in the morning fog or in the blue hour, when the bats rule.

Mudam Triangle. The outdoor area around the Philharmonie, the Melia Hotel, the Mudam and the Trois Glands Museum. For art, architecture old and new, greenery and nice views. And when the rain comes, there are plenty of interesting places to seek shelter.

Müllerthal, of course. Especially in May when it’s so green it hurts your eyes. Numerous trails – or off trail to explore with your kids. And then a well deserved coffe and apple tart on the terrace or in front of the fireplace at Le Cigalon. Be a Sunday driver when you go there, it’s a beautiful drive.


For more feelgod pics, check out the Feelgood Gallery.

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