The way you wear your hat

CLEW is at a bit of a loss here. Not that you can’t find nice clothes in Lux, but where are the special boutiques, and the feelgood factor…? Machines like H&M don’t provide that feeling, neither does the staff in certain places (quite the contrary, CLEW dares say). Or, as the local boulangère says it: “Toutes ces enseignes de luxe – il n’y a plus de place pour Monsieur et Madame Toutlemonde!” She got all worked up about it. So, if you’re not into H&M, and if you’re not looking to Diorize yourself – where are the in-betweens that actually make you feel good when you enter? We’ll have a go, but please help us out!

Extrabold, 24, Avenue de la Liberté in town. Relaxed shop with cool clothes, for young(ish) men & women

Konplott, 4, rue Chimay in town. A treasure box filled with deliciously sparkling jewelry and a staff that makes you – well, feel good.


Retrovolver, 11c Place du Théâtre in town. A refreshing boutique in the proper sense of the word – a feeling of East London in Luxembourg. Small collections of fun clothes, shoes and accessories, and  a little something for cool babies as well. Brands such as Kling and Blutgeschwister. Concept: Retro fashion merging with innovative designs and recycling.


Velvet, 12, rue Notre Dame in town. More cool clothes (such as Ewil Twin) and accessories, old rugs on the floor, retro collages in the fitting rooms, and Jim Reeves through the loudspeakers. Messy in a feelgood way. (Back out on the street, the delicious fragrances coming from the teashop Tee Gschwendner in no. 8 will lead you to another feelgood place).

For  feelgod pics, check out the Feelgood Gallery.

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