Ben & Pepper, 21, Avenue de la Liberté Luxembourg – Gare. Clew loves the mix – vintage and new, well-known designers and local designers en herbe. And the cute owners. A different actor on the Lux shopping stage! Don’t forget to check out the Danish jewelry in the back!

Fleuriste Roger Klein, Place de Strasbourg, Luxembourg – Gare. A gorgeous corner florist, the kind you just can’t walk by without entering. Not only for the flowers, but for the lovely decorative items as well. Like this one.

Roger Klein candlestake

Galerie Lucien Schweitzer, 16, Avenue de la Liberté Luxembourg – Gare. Delicious, luscious fabrics and quite a bit of cool Scandi design.

Libo & Exki, Rue du Fort Bourbon, Luxembourg – Gare. A few books and a lot of stationery and knick-knacks. In fact, there’s something everywhere. And then there’s the lovely smell sifting in from Exki.

The Mudam Boutique, at the Mudam Museum of course. For design, for fun, for the original gift. Might as well visit the museum at the same time!

Weltbuttek / Boutique du Monde, Rue Genistre in town. It’s just so nice to open the old wooden door and enter this tiny, fair trade, colourful and cute (Clew likes cute) boutique.

Zakka, Rue de la Reine in town. Much! better than the shop for temporarily big bellies that was there before. Fair trade, vintage, knick-knacks & doodahs, design and adorable children’s stuff to accessorize your home and yourself.

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