Family survival kit for winter driving

The snow and cold temperatures seem to stay in the Grand Duchy, but we still have to keep going on with our daily routines. However, driving in the snow may become quite challenging, especially if you come from a snowfree country.

If your car gets stuck in some way, forcing you and your family to spend several hours on the roadside, it’s better to be prepared.To ease your snowy experience, especially if you have kids, you should consider keeping a set of things in your car at all times.

Photo: Anje Kirsch

Family Survival Kit

Fortunately, the snow storms in the Grand-Duchy aren’t as hard as in other
countries and most of the main roads become quite clear rapidly. However,
we should always take extra care on snowy days; the traffic jams are
inevitable and accidents do happen. Even the clearest day may turn into a
road trip nightmare, and even worse if your children become fussy.

Other tips to be safe in the snow

These tips can easily be adapted to any long drive with kids to keep sane and safe!

Do you have other tips on winter driving with the family? If so, share your
tip by posting a comment below.

By Rute Vendeirinho, January 2013