Dye your Easter eggs with natural colours. Use what you have in your kitchen – either in your fridge or in your drawer. It’s not very complicated, but it takes a bit of time. For these eggs I used red onion skin, blueberry, spinach, lemon and beetroot. You can also try out: Onion skin, turmeric, saffron, yellow pepper, red pepper, cranberry, raspberry, red cabbage, red wine, coffee, tea…

This is how you do it:

  • Wash the eggs to get rid of the oily layer, then boil them for about 8 min.
  • Separately, boil some water with the food  (one at a time) of your choice and a dash of vinegar for about 10-15 min until the water gets a strong colour.
  • Cool the coloured water a bit before you put the eggs in. Let them stay there until you have the colour you want.

Some colours will get stronger when they dry and some will fade a bit. You just have to try it out.

Happy Easter!


Text and photos: Ann-Kristin Øvreeide, March 2013

The CLEW food freak Alison will tell you all about how to use the precious egg.

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