Easter by the Med II

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The Holy Week – Semana Santa –  is reason good enough to go to Spain for Easter and be transported by ancient rituals, religious history, elaborate Easter processions with costumes, floats and statues in every city and village, solemnity and joy. Curiosity: The Ku Klux Klan like costumes with pointed hoods covering the face represent the shame of the crucifixion.

Or there’s Sicily. The famous Good Friday procession in Trapani ,“I Misteri” (the mysteries), lasts for about 16 hours, strong men carrying 17th and 18th century statues through the night. “La processione di tutti processioni”, at least as far as passionate participants goes. Curiosity: In Terrasini (province of Palermo), unmarried men show off their strength raising an orange tree with only one arm to impress the local gals.

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Photos from Mijas Costa, Spain: Ann-Kristin Øvreeide / photos from Trapani, Sicily: Anje Kirsch / text: Unni Holtedahl

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