Luxembourgish Schools Support Group

Wherever you live, whether it is in your own country or abroad, choosing a school for your child is a big decision.  But in Luxembourg, when you are faced with the fact that your child will not only be learning in one language but three, it can seem like snorkelling through a bog backwards.

How does it work? Will my child survive? Is it difficult to integrate? Will they get extra help and support if they are having problems? How do we enrol? Which school will my child be able to go to? Just a few of the many questions you might like answers to.

The Luxembourgish Schools Support Group (or “LSSG”) aims to provide information in English on the Luxembourgish education system as well as practical help for parents of any nationality with children in the state schools. We are not experts, but a group of volunteer parents who try and support other parents in similar situations. 

The Luxembourgish Schools Support Group holds one meeting per year to introduce prospective families to the Luxembourgish primary system, and another to present the Luxembourgish lycée system and the transition from primary school.

On Thursday 25th April 2013 at 7.30 p.m the Luxembourgish Schools Support Group with the support of the Association des Parents d’Élèves de la commune de Niederanven a.s.b.l. is organising an information evening on local pre-school and primary education. The speakers will include teachers from the pre-school and primary school streams and a school inspector. The primary school system will be explained and there will be the opportunity to ask questions and meet others in the same situation.

The meeting will be held at at: L’ancienne école,  6 Rue Principale, L – 6990 Hostert (opposite Hostert Church).  There will be a participation fee of EUR 5 per family and a traditional ‘Vin d’honneur’ will be offered courtesy of the APE, Niederanven.

For more information please contact:

Blathnaid O’h Annrachain, 427103

Sue Pidgeley, 26305457

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