A taste of home

Homesick? A touch of the (in)famous (expat) blues? Here’s a Kinderegg quickfix – 3 in 1:  Somewhere you can 1) shout out a cheerful “hello!” in your own language when you open the door, 2) get comfort food from back home and thus 3) pretend is home.


And by the way, who says an authentic taste… or drop… or glimpse… of elsewhere won’t help too? Here’s a list of international shops / meeting places in Luxembourg:


Epicerie Créole, 58, Rue Pierre Krier in Bonnevoie. “Exotic and cosmetic products, tropical and musical products”! Plus a meeting place for the Cape Verdian community (and anyone else who’d like that glimpse of elsewhere).

Exoworld, 20, rue des Trévires in Bonnevoie. With specialties from Togo!


Store Tandoori, 225 rue de Beggen. Lots of tastes of Asia + you can also shop online.

Asia Market, 5, rue du Fort Elisabeth in the city.

The Balkans

Epicerie Balkan Food, 43, rue Anvers – Gare.

La Bacanie, 83, Rue de Hollerich. Rumanian specialties.


La Provence Gourmande, 332, Route de Longwy. Specialties from Provence and Corsica.


Au Gourmet Grec, 87, rue de Bonnevoie. Greek specialties + vinotheque + restaurant and catering + cosmetic products.


Bondani, 139, Avenue du 10 Septembre. Wine + cheese + salume + pasta +  grappa + oils +++

Linosa’s Kitchen, 28, Rue Albert 1er. Italian deli & traiteur run by the Linosa family – a gourmet name – in one of the beautiful houses on this Belair street.

Little Italy in Foetz:

La Casa della Pasta, 166a rue du Brill, deli + pasta bar.

Enoteca Italiana, 11 Rue J. P. Bicheler, wines + epicerie (also online).

Aldo supermarket, Z.I. Lëtzebuerger Heck, Schifflange/Foetz.


Fio d’Azeite, 3, Rue des Pins, Senningerberg. Portuguese gourmet store, also online.

And of course lots of local epiceries…


ScanShop, 615, rue de Neudorf. Nordic foodstuff + cafe + Nordic design.

Dania, 3 rue Astrid, Belair. Design with a bit of comfort candy & chocolate.

Danish Deli, 3 rue Beck in the city. Smørrebrød & beer & more.

Ikea – where even the Norwegians become Swedish.


Rioja, 95, Avenue Guillaume. A lot of wine + Spanish delicacies.

Vicente et fils, 70 rue de l’Ecole, Garnich. A family business specialising in Spanish wines and foods.


Little Britain, Capellen (main road). UK & US foodstuff + a burger menu that should make quite a few feel at home: Boston burger, New Yorker burger, Luxem burger, Italian burger, Norwegian burger, Canadian burger, Indian burger, Kiwi burger…

Online shopping (better than nothing):

And then there’s always the “Saveurs du monde” sections in the big supermarkets (also better than nothing).

Please tell us where you get a taste of home, mail to clew@clew.lu

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