Lëtz Create – Natalia Boffi

Each month, Miranda van den Heuvel talks to creative people in Luxembourg and says “look, Luxembourg is creative! Here’s how and where!” The June talk is with promoter of South American culture Natalia Boffi.

1. What is CREATIVITY?

Simple: to transform a dream into reality – that is creativity!

2. How are you creative?

nataliboffiI think that trying to realize my dreams turned me into a more creative person.

For the same reason, I created SUR Factory together with two other creative women. SUR Factory is a platform in Luxembourg for South American contemporary artists, where art in all its forms is the meeting point and fusion of cultures.


3.  Suggest a simple creative activity to our readers that can make them more creative

Just take a look at the cultural agenda where you live and pick an event that you know nothing about – and go! You will get to know new things that you would never have imagined! Some of them may turn out to be not so interesting – or simply boring – but then at least you’ll know for the next time!

4. What are your top 3 websites for creative inspiration?

I have no preferred websites which inspire my creativity. I believe that the Internet is an incentive to be more creative and be brave, and that amazes me!

5. What are your 3 tips to become more creative in Luxembourg?

You don’t need much to be creative in Luxembourg or in any other city. You just need to be willing to do anything the city offers! Go to www.plurio.net and you’ll have access to all the activities in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

If you are lucky and you get a sunny day, you only need to walk around the city with a camera! You will be surprised by the views and the places you find and the wonderful memories you will capture.

6. What’s your suggestion to make Luxembourg a more creative, innovative place?

The fact that Luxembourg is a cosmopolitan city has helped creativity to be on the rise. But I believe we can encourage people to be more spontaneous. How? By offering unique experiences, which is the goal of SUR Factory.

7. Who, in Luxembourg, should we interview next?

You should interview Natalia Deniff-Jones. Visit her blog  http://www.natilittlethings.blogspot.com and you will see how creative she is!

8.  Anything you’d like to add?

We only have this life to realize our dreams! Let’s not lose time – let’s go after them! Oscar Wilde said “This is not a general rehearsal, this is life”.



Natalia Boffi, interviewed by Miranda van den Heuvel, June 2013.

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