Please Mister Postman

Nice Matin reports that in one of the heights of Nice, the inhabitants of a particular street have a somewhat peculiar problem. They haven’t seen the postman –  or their mail – for almost three months.

The reason for this disappearance is two dogs, blocking the road in a rather threatening manner every time the postman tries to enter their territory. The dogs belong to one of the about 20 families who live on this street.

“We all have to get our mail ourselves, at the post sorting office in Saint-Augustin. That’s more than 20 kilometres away”, Antoine Bruno barks, demanding along with his neighbours that the postman come back.

La Poste on the other hand, does not wish to put their employees at risk: The mean dogs might even make the postman fall off his scooter, especially since it’s a gravel road.

Apparently, there has now been roadwork to make the street suitable for scooters, and the owner of the dogs has installed a gate, even with concrete blocks so the dogs can’t crawl under it. The street should be safe again, but the postman still seems to be too shaken up.

“We never had a problem when it was a woman delivering our mail”, the neighbours say. “But when she quit, there’s been one postman after the other, and it’s at least the third time that we don’t receive our mail. Always because of the dogs.”

The answer might be putting all the postboxes at the end of the street, but the inhabitants do not like this idea:

“The street is steep, it’s not fair to make us walk that far to get our mail. At the moment, we all have legs, but when we’re older…?”

But wait a minute, what if one of the inhabitants has been waiting a long, long time for a card or a letter? Then deliver the letter, the sooner the better!




By Unni Holtedahl, June 2013. Source: Nice Matin

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