The things you do (as an expat)

One of the positive things about living as an expat, is that we tend to do things and go places we’d never have done or gone to otherwise. We want to explore the country we live in, and we want to experience new things. Plus, we don’t have the family around to have Sunday lunch with so we need to find other things to do.

So, in the spirit of  adventure, last weekend my family and I went and watched tractor pulling in Hoffelt (In the very north of Luxembourg, just by the border to Belgium)

Never heard of tractor pulling? Neither had I before that day, and it was all a bit of a weird concept to me in the beginning, but once you are there you kind of get dragged into it (pun intended). The challenge is basically to pull something very heavy (a huge vehicle with some kind of plough in the front gathering more and more soil as they go) as far as possible across a field with your tractor.

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There was a rather big crowd of all ages that had gathered out there on a field to cheer on the contestants, and like at any big event there was plenty of food and drinks. The weather was nice, the tractors were loud, it was partially smoky and stinky and it was great fun!

And for anyone who would not enjoy the event itself – I can still recommend a trip up north, just to experience the beautiful landscape.

Photo: Lisa Fuchs.  ©2013 Lisa Fuchs

Photo: Lisa Fuchs. ©2013 Lisa Fuchs

Please share with us in the comments, the weirdest / most interesting / funniest / most spectacular, event you have been to – as an expat experiencing new things.

Text and photos by Lisa Fuchs, July 2013

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