Swedish Simplicity

The CLEW decorista takes a look at the Scandinavian wooden cabin -” hytte” in Norwegian, “stuga” in Swedish. Most people have one, or have access to one, and use them in the holidays and on weekends. By the sea, by the fjord, in the mountains or in the forest. It’s often about the pleasures and charms of a simple lifestyle.

This little cottage, located in the forest on the west coast of Sweden, was built right after the war. Despite its simple standard, it functions as a summer house for a Swedish/Norwegian family of  four generations. The interior has been the same for years, it is authentic and simple. It has electricity and running water, and there is even a little sauna (typical Swedish), but that’s about it.

It is the perfect place to be in the summer, especially for the famous Swedish midsummer celebrations, and the families come back year after year. With only four beds inside the cottage, the owners sometimes have to be creative. Many meals will take place outside in the big garden, and tents and caravans will be used as bedrooms.

There’s always room for everyone…

Text and photos by Ann-Kristin Øvreeide, July 2013