Sometimes we just don’t feel like leaving the house. Hopefully, your home is one of your feelgood places, but there are also local online places to go for that feelgood feeling, and some of them can also up the feelgood factor of your home.

Head over to for local designs that makes you smile: Cards, canvas wall art, pins, magnets, stamps, mugs, luminaries, t-shirts, table decorations and other unique products made in Luxembourg. Some of these fun products are for sale at Peter Pin in Rue Chimay in town.

Continue to, an online marketplace where everyone can open his or her own shop. You’ll find clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, art, food, second hand and more. Items made or handled with love, care and creativity. was started by Luxembourgish couple Mina and Thierry Nicola.

While you’re at it, take a look at la Dénicheuseoffering a carefully chosen selection of beautiful, playful, special little things with a story, often from new creators. Learn more about la Dénicheuse here.

Both Studiomick and la Dénicheuse are members of Letz Go Local – a “made in Luxembourg” design community – check it out here.