Fitter in 21 days

Common barriers for people who want to start exercising and get in shape are:

No time
No equipment
No knowledge or background in physical  fitness

Good news, people: No problem!

You actually don’t really need those things to get started. It takes (hardly) no time, equipment or knowledge to get a great workout and get in shape. There are various ways to get there; let me offer you one simple way to get you started by sharing my story.

15 years ago I was slow, heavy, tired, chubby and completely unmotivated. I really wanted to feel and look better but I didn’t even know where to start. One day, while watching TV with my friends and eating my Ben & Jerry’s, I came across one of those “body shape” programs, which I loved to hate and joke about with my friends – better than feeling guilty for being a chronic couch potato. We used to imitate the people working out in the background; how serious and at the same time ridiculous they were demonstrating the #1 exercise: “the squat”.

The main trainer in this program said: “Hey you! Get up from your couch and give me 100 squats!”. I still cannot say if it was the spirit of God or the sugar in the Ben & Jerry’s, but I got up and did 100 squats! To my surprise, it actually felt good! So I did it again the day after and so on. I knew that there is an unwritten rule saying “If you do something for 21 days, this new action will become second nature for you.”

And that’s what I did, and 21 days turned into 15 years. Every day 100 squats. And let me tell you something: It works!

The purpose of doing 100 squats a day is to make you feel better about your body, and at the same time inspire the people around you by being the change you want to see! In a very short time, your results will speak louder than words. Within 3 days you will see and feel very positive changes throughout your entire body: Your legs and abs will be firmer, your mind will be cleaner, your speed and endurance will improve, and the overall quality of your life may begin to skyrocket.

So what are you waiting for ? “Get up from the chair and give me 100!”

This link explains in detail how to perform a squat. 

By Mor Tal Bachar, December 2013. Mor is a health coach  specialized in natural nutrition, fitness and psychotherapy. She believes in the strong connection between body and mind and the ability to heal yourself.


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