Meet & greet

The Luxembourg Meet Greet Discover group wishes to introduce newcomers to every corner of Luxembourg and to most aspects of living here; people, culture, food, traditions, business, industry… They do this through a wide variety of activities; breakfast walks, discovery lunches and traditional dinners, company visits, seasonal events and events for families and children. And everybody is welcome to their weekly Wednesday coffee chat.

Check out their website – maybe there’s something for you!


The Luxembourg Meet Greet and Discover Group  is starting the year off right on January 10th with a 5k morning walking tour.  It will be at a gentle pace so we can take in the great historical tour put on by the Luxembourg City Tourist Office Tour guide.  So treat your brain to a bit of Luxembourg History and learn more about this wonderful little country we are living in and at the same time treat your body to a walk to shed those holiday pounds you have put on!

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