Happy New Year

While waiting to pay for your groceries, do you ever look at what the person behind you is buying, placing your imagination in between the milk cartons and veggies to get a small glimpse of who that person is and where he or she’s off to later?

I just did my last grocery shopping in 2013, getting ready for our sumptuous New Year’s meal. Behind me in line was an elderly lady with curly, died hair, presumably doing the same thing. Although sumptuous might be a bit presumptuous – she was carefully taking out eggs, capers and a paté, yoghurts and cakes, a tiny bottle of rosé and half a bottle of crémant. I glazed her cakes with my imagination and pictured her solitary New Year’s Eve. Do you remember the oh so beautiful movie “Smoke”? If not, here’s a reminder.


So I’ll join Norwegian professor in social medicine Per Fugelli when he encourages us to let our New Year resolutions be about others.  “Dance with the people around you”. I’ll be raising my glass to an elderly lady tonight – bless her for getting festive bubbles for herself.


HAPPY NEW YEAR to each and everyone!

Photo: Lisa Fuchs.

Photo: Lisa Fuchs.

By Unni Holtedahl, December 31 2013

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