Work out & bring your baby

Katie Nail takes a look at life in Luxembourg – and in general – as a new mum, starting with what to do when your stomach looks like a “slightly deflated balloon”.

balloon_deflated“Baby weight” wasn’t something I really thought about during my pregnancy. I thought it was the weight you gained when you were pregnant that you lost after. I didn’t gain that much during pregnancy, so I didn’t really worry about my weight. However, now, post baby, the scale says all my “baby weight” is gone but my stomach still looks like a slightly deflated balloon.

If I lived in the US or even the UK I could join a gym that had a nursery and carve out an hour a day to remind my stomach that it has muscles. However, the idea of crèches in gyms hasn’t caught on here in Luxembourg. I’ve heard there are gyms where older children can play unsupervised but certainly not a place for a 5 month old.

Feeling quite frustrated and flabby stomached, I was considering setting all my pre-pregnancy jeans on fire. Fortunately before I did that, a friend told me about a group in Luxembourg called Healthy Mums. Based in Kirchberg and run by Alice Cappato, the sessions meet several times a week and are exclusively for new moms/moms to be.

The workouts take place in Eclipse, which is a slick gym in Kirchberg, or outside in a small park behind the building. The day I went was freezing but sunny so we started our exercise outside. I am sure anyone looking out their window would have smiled at the row of women and prams slowly high kicking their way along the pavement. When the kicking was over, we did squats and lunges and all sorts of things to tone our core. Alice focused on the areas most women struggle with post-baby.

After half an hour outside we went into the gym and finished our work out there. I liked being inside because our babies were able to lie on mats next to us. My son enjoyed watching me do crunches while he chewed on his foot. The group felt relaxed and if anyone needed to take a moment to settle their baby or feed them it was fine. Alice encouraged everyone to go at their own pace. I didn’t feel any pressure to compete with anyone else or “keep up”.

I really enjoyed the class. Alice is a positive and motivating instructor. I felt like she was addressing area’s specific to women who had recently given birth. I liked incorporating the pram and the class is a bargain at 10 euro a session.

The day after my body was a little achy which I took as a good sign. I don’t have a six-pack yet but hopefully after a few more of these classes I will!

More information on the Healthy Mums Facebook page.

By Katie Nail, January 2014


  1. Katie Nail says:

    Alice has “rebranded” and can now be found at


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