Women who inspire women

CLEW asks women worth noticing in Luxembourg to choose a woman in public life who is an inspiration to them – in their work and in their life.

Anouk Bastian chooses Ger Maas

Photo: Private

Credit: Flydoscope

Anouk Bastian is a woman of wine who grew up among the Moselle vineyards. Today she runs the family-owned estate Domaine Viticole Mathis Bastian with her father. Following law studies and a career as a lawyer, her roots and her deep interest in grapes and wine took her to Reims to study oenology. Since 1999, she is a fourth generation independent winemaker. She is keen to get more women into wine, and is president of the first association for women and wine in Luxembourg, LuciliVines.

Ger Maas. Courtesy of www. mediart.lu

Ger Maas. Courtesy of www. mediart.lu

Ger Maas is a painter and graphic artist born in 1931 in Wiltz in the Luxembourgish Ardennes. She studied art in Paris, Munich and Salzburg, under the famous Austrian painter Oskar Kokoschka. In 1955, she had her first exhibition in Munich, to be followed by many in Europe and the USA. She has also worked as an editor, journalist, illustrator and writer. In Germany, she is known for illustrating the complete works of Anton Chekhov.

She is an independent artist, staying true to her choice of art, reflecting her convictions and always inspired by reality. Her work has received attention from a very varied audience both nationally and internationally.


When did you first learn about her or become inspired by her?

I got to know Madame Ger Maas through my father, Mathis Bastian, who is a passionate independent winemaker and art lover. We have a privileged relationship with this extraordinary artist and her works. Our wine estate traditionally sends end of the year greetings representing the works of various Luxembourgish artists. For more than 25 years, we have chosen works of Ger Maas, such as Drauwenméedercher, de Wëngertsmann, d’Wënzerin and les Roses Grand-ducales, turning them into beautiful greeting cards for our clients and friends.

Why and how has she inspired you?

I respect and admire Ger Maas highly. We share this feeling of belonging, these strong ties, to the Moselle region. Her Carnet Mosellan, with drawings and gouaches, pays a tribute to the Moselle, its villages, hills, vineyards, cultural patrimony and delicious wines. Her stroke is free, gracious, floating and delicate. Meeting Ger Maas, in person and through her work, is always an experience of emotions and délicatesse.

What do you think is or will be her legacy?

The name of this Luxembourgish artist is and will be synonymous with art full of beauty and emotions. Blessed with great sensitivity and individuality, she captures the beauty of nature and the charm and sensuality of women, with a free, dancing and vibrant brush.

It is pure joie de vivre. She communicates her abundant optimism.

Ger Maas, Béatrice en Robe de Soir Rouge. Courtesy of www.mediart.lu

Ger Maas, Béatrice en Robe de Soir Rouge. Courtesy of http://www.mediart.lu

Anouk Bastian interviewed by Unni Holtedahl, January 2014. Translated from French. Ger Maas bio by CLEW.

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