Light up!

Light is essential for all of us, also indoor light. So how do you light up a room? Perhaps you, like many others, buy a lamp because ”it looks nice” or ”it fits perfectly with the rest of my furniture” or simply just because of the price tag?

Vetro from Rikke Frost
Vetro Rikke Frost

Correct lighting can have a huge impact on a room. You can use lighting to get a certain atmosphere, character or mood in a room. No wonder light designer is a profession. Few hire a designer to set up the light in a room, but there are certain criteria to consider before buying lamps. First of all, think about how you intend to use the space; for working, relaxing, entertaining…

Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon

To help you, we can split lighting into 4 categories:

General light: Often a ceiling lamp with  a wide shade or a shade made of glass or transparent material.

Direct, concentrated light: Lamp with a narrow shade, to be used over a desk or a reading chair, or to highlight a painting or other work of art.

Downlight: Narrow lights placed in the ceiling to give a cosy and warm atmosphere over a sofa or a bed.

Uplight: Used as a supplement to general light or to make a special effect. Normally placed on a wall but could also be placed on the floor.

Catch from Lyndsey Adelman
Catch Lyndsey Adelman

A golden rule is to mix the different kinds of lamps to make the most out of a room and to define the use of each room zone. In doubt? Ask the sales person for advice, he or she should know. And if you are looking for some trendy lamps this year, choose a light installation, or an eye-catching handmade glass lamp in natural tones like yellow, green or brown, or a timeless copper lamp.

The selection of lamps is enormous, so good luck searching for the perfect light.

IC lights from Michael Anastassiades for FLOS

By Ann-Kristin Øvreeide, February 2014


  1. Hi Ann-Kristin, some great tips but perhaps the most important aspect to create a cozy atmosphere is the light temperature. Lamps with a low light temperature emit a nice yellow/orange glow. Lamps with a high light temperature on the other hand, have a cold, white glow.


  2. Dear dmLights,

    Thank you for your comment. You are indeed correct, and I should have mentioned light temperature in the text.

    All the best, Ann-Kristin


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