Women & wine

Women and wine is a good match, but it still has a lot of potential. LuciliVines – the association for women and wine in Luxembourg – is the perfect matchmaker, bringing women and wine together at many levels.

LuciliVines was started almost two years ago, with wine maker Anouk Bastian as passionate president. The association is looking to promote not only the concept “women & wine”, but also local wines and gastronomy, as well as the attractions of the Moselle region, and they wish for their message to be far-reaching. So far they have about 150 members.

Even though more women are taking a professional interest in wine, they are still quite few and far between. In oenology classes, women are outnumbered by men, and at restaurants, men often get the privilege to choose and taste the wine. LuciliVines aims to change that picture by bringing together women with an interest in wine at various levels, whether it be as professionals or amateurs, to meet, share, learn and exchange ideas. Not surprisingly, Lucilivines has chosen a feminine touch in order to promote local wines, pairing wine with gastronomy or art for example.

Picking grapes

If you would simply like to learn more about wine, about what to cook with it and which glasses to pour it in, Lucilivines might be the thing for you.

“Women have a different approach to wine than men, they put more emotions into it. They are looking for pleasure and discovery, whereas men tend to look more at the label”, says Anouk Bastian.

Lucilivines organises wine tastings, soirées, workshops, classes, conferences and wine tours in the Grande Région, always aiming to let their members meet interesting women in wine in the area. They are keen to include the international community, as that certainly brings its own touch to women and wine in Luxembourg. The events are usually in Luxembourgish and French.

To become a member, you have to get yourself a sponsor who’s already a member, and the member fee is € 60.

More information about Lucilivines here.

By Unni Holtedahl, February 2014

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