Girls in tech!

On March 26th, women, men, and entrepreneurs of all kinds will gather for the first time in Luxembourg to celebrate women and technology. 

The employment rate of women has risen significantly in every country. Nevertheless, Luxembourg remains the European country where the difference between men and women in employment is the largest.Today the ICT sector is creating job opportunities like no other industry and there will soon be a shortage of skilled workers. But in Europe, only 4 in 1,000 women will eventually work in this sector. Big data, social networks, the cloud, data security – all big words related to the future of  the internet economy, offering possibilities that Luxembourg is ready to seize. But without  women we’ll be missing a big chunk of our society.

The five founding women of Girls in Tech Luxembourg (GIT) invite everyone to their launch event to learn more about this exciting project and to do some networking. Founded in January this year, GIT has already organized coding classes and workshops for women. The non-profit association aims to promote activities and opportunities around technology and entrepreneurship for women in Luxembourg.

“Our networking events will get young and experienced women together. The aim is to inspire and empower women and girls to embrace risk and build on their innovative aspirations. We will all work to empower, educate and elevate the status of women in technology fields,” explains founding member Marie-Adélaïde Gervis.

The event is organised in partnership with The Impactory, a community  where people come to build their business or work on a project.

The Impactory│29, Bd Grande-Duchesse Charlotte│March 26 from 18.30

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