Book release: New & exciting ways of baking

Passionate foodie and CLEW contributor Lisa Fuchs releases her first  cookbook “Delicious grain free baking”. Read more about it and get a sneak peek at one of the fancy recipes.

After about a year of intense blogging of grain free baking recipes, I realized that I kept coming back to some of my recipes. I made the same ones over and over, only adding one or two new ingredients or using new baking forms to get a different end product.

I made vanilla blueberry muffins, but added lemon instead of vanilla. I kept making chocolate muffins, adding in cranberries, cherries or raspberries. I later turned the vanilla blueberry muffins into a cake and made a gateau out of it.

Bluberry lemon gateau

And the chocolate muffins recipe I used over and over, making different cakes and gateaus.

Fancy chocolate cakes

This is when the idea of the book came. With this book I wanted to collect the most useful recipes, the ones I myself kept baking and tweaking. The book contains our favorite tweaks, and an introduction by CLEW editor Unni Holtedahl.

Delicious grain free baking

My aim is to inspire. Hopefully you will not only try out the recipes I wrote, but also you’ll see how easy it is to adjust, to mix and match, and to achieve new results by changing or adding the smallest things.

Delicious grain free baking is a collection of recipes, not only for the gluten intolerant, but for anyone who wants to bake beautiful and tasteful treats to enjoy and impress with. The book can be found in all amazon online shops, worldwide. Clicking on the pictures above will bring you to

And here is a sneak peek tip from the book: One of the fancy cakes I have created based on the chocolate muffin recipe is a layer cake with whipped chocolate cream and cherries.

Fancy cherry cake

The cake recipe is in the book – but you can try any cake recipe from my blog

Start by making the whipped chocolate cream:

  • Melt 50 g (1.8 ounce) dark chocolate in 250–300 ml (1-1.2 cup) fresh full fat cream – on low heat. Stir until fully melted.
  • Transfer the cream to a bowl and let it cool down (you can place the bowl in an ice-bath to hurry up the procedure) and then leave it in the fridge until completely cold.
  • When it is fridge-cold, whip it.

For the filling I prefer to use (thawed) frozen cherries since they are pitted which makes the process easier.

  • Now – cut those thawed cherries in halves.
  • Place the bottom layer of the cake on a nice plate and cover it with cherry halves.
  • Spread some whipped chocolate cream over the berries and place the second cake layer on it.
  • Repeat the process until you reach the top layer. Now cover the whole cake with whipped chocolate cream and use some fresh cherries (or even a few previously frozen cherries) to decorate it. If you have nothing else – just simply grating a bit of dark chocolate over the cake will do too!

And here’s the thing. That whipped chocolate cream looks very fancy and might sound complicated – but it is not at all. And in fact – if you intend to decorate a cake using an icing bag, normal whipped cream is quite messy to work with. Add in the chocolate and suddenly the cream behaves much better and stays in shape. So there you go – easy peasy – but very impressive!

Buy the book today. Not only will you get a collection of recipes, old and new, but also plenty of inspiration.  It is also a kind gesture to show your support for the work I put into creating all the recipes that you find on my blog.

I am very grateful!


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