Intuitive painting with Miranda

Coach, artist and creative CLEW contributor Miranda van den Heuvel invites you to her intuitive painting workshops “Create from the heart!”

Your life is like a blank canvas. It’s up to you what you do with it. As children, we know what we love, what we want to be; we have no fear about our capabilities, we believe in our ‘art’.

You too can rediscover your inner child, the artist in you. Learn how to paint from the heart and take a first look at how painting intuitively really is all about living and creating the life you want.

Brave, intuitive you

Be brave!
Step out of your comfort zone!
Let go!
Have fun!
Be bold!

Take the Intuitive painting workshop to reconnect with your intuition and become unstoppable. Stay tuned for dates.

Text and art work by Miranda van den Heuvel

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