Lëtz Create – Shirley Golergant

Each month, Miranda van den Heuvel talks to creative people in Luxembourg and says “look, Luxembourg is creative! Here’s how and where!” The March talk is with jewelry maker Shirley Golergant.

1. What is CREATIVITY?

Creativity is the quality of being creative and the ability to create and produce something new through imagination.

2. How are you creative?

Photo: Anje Kirsch

Photo: Anje Kirsch

Since I was a child I’ve loved to create – draw, paint and do art crafts like working with Fimo and creating my own jewelries with it. Art was always in my soul.

I am a chemist by profession, but since my family and I moved around to different countries, I had to make a change and started to reconnect with the art field.  The last 12 years I’ve studied many kinds of art crafts, like painting on wood, drawing and painting with oil or acrylics on canvas, ceramics and pottery, vitrofusion (hand painted glass) .. and jewelry.

The last years I’ve been dedicated to the art of jewelry. I studied with a private jewelry teacher and continued to learn different techniques for two years in a jewelry school in Argentina.


I create unique jewelry using different materials like silver, silverplated wires, copper, goldfield, leather cords, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystal beads. Each piece is different, and as I am influenced by different cultures, I do different styles, and both casual and elegant.


3.  Suggest a simple creative activity to our readers that can make them more creative

I’m going to suggest a concrete activity to get you going: A mosaic of egg shells. Stick little clean, broken egg shells to a piece of wood with glue, and colour it with alcohol ink, then apply varnish. To get the egg shell bits, separate them from the membrane after placing them in warm water and drying them.

4. What are your top 3 websites for creative inspiration?

Honestly, I don’t get inspiration from websites, but from my head and my heart. And from art, nature, and music, which is very much present in me and my family. However, I intend to join www.etsy.com which is indeed an inspiring web site.

5. What are your 3 tips to become more creative in Luxembourg?

Go to art museums, go to music concerts and take walks in the nature.

6. What’s your suggestion to make Luxembourg a more creative, innovative place?

I’d like to have even more international theatre performances and music concerts, more art galleries and interesting museum exhibitions, and a wider variety of shops for arts and crafts material.


Contact Shirley: percy_shirley@hotmail.com



Shirley Golergant, interviewed by Miranda van den Heuvel, March 2014

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