Do the silly walk

In small town Ørje in Norway, a rather special road sign causes a stir:

Silly walkInspired by Monty Python, the art group Kreativiteket. came up with the idea to encourage pedestrians to cross the road in a particular manner and add a little fun to the everyday of the locals. A special road sign was made and put up, encouraged by the mayor of Ørje, who obviously has a sense of humour.


And people do the silly walk, including the mayor! The road authorities however, do not share their sense of humour and want the sign removed as it is against the law. Mayor Kjersti Nythe Nilsen on the other hand thinks they’re real party poopers, and that the sign, being almost identical to the original, causes no confusion. She refuses to remove the sign, even if that means civil disobedience.

The sign creators and the people of Ørje now invites John Cleese to come and show them how it’s done, and he’d better hurry before the authorities get there!


By Unni Holtedahl, March 2014



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