Picture picture on the wall

A trend that I see more and more often is a picture wall, or a memory wall if you prefer. Instead of hanging up only one item, try to find pieces that look good together and then group them on the wall. They will make a great statement and focal point.

Memory wall

There are no rules on how to do it, but I would suggest to follow either a theme or a color scheme. When I made this wall in our bedroom, I decided to go for “love” and “travel” in a monochrome style. I gathered frames, memories, pictures and posters from all over the house, from basement to attic, and made a collage.

Memory wall

I guess I will let the wall “grow” as long as I find pieces that suit the rest. This idea works everywhere, over the sofa, in the staircase or even in the guest bathroom. As long as you are happy with your pictures and memories, I think they deserve a place on the wall.

Text and photos by Ann-Kristin Øvreeide, March 2014

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