After all the boxes have been unpacked

It’s Printemps des Poètes in Luxembourg this weekend – Spring of Poets. CLEW is proud to have a poet of our own, and equally proud to present his poetry, that you… as expats, on the move… might recognise yourselves in. 

© Chris Boswell |

© Chris Boswell |

After all the boxes
have been unpacked
and most of the
Where do I, How can I
have been answered,
it’s just about time
to pack up and move

The structure looks
pretty much the same –
garage, garden, windows,
and a front door.

Inside, even the furniture
looks familiar.

the house where I now live
will never be my home.

They say that
home is where the heart is.
I know that to be true as
my family packs up to move again.

Unlike a tree that’s been uprooted,
relocated, and planted again –
We fill the vacated hole with memories.


Poems written by Dan Franch, Printemps des Poètes 2014



  1. This touched my heart! Especially the last lines….


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