Big city money hunts

Boys will be boys. The wealthy American businessman Jason Buzi has his own way of getting rid of his money, organising big city money hunts with clues announced on Twitter.

Those getting ready for Saturday’s Hidden Cash event in Paris were disappointed. According to Huffington Post, the Paris police said no on the grounds that it is against the law to distribute money in public places. Buzi would risk six months in prison and a 30 000 euros fine – possibly more than he intended to hide in the parks of Paris.

Free distribution of money has previously caused quite some disturbance in the French capital, and the police fears a repeat if park goers seek hidden cash instead of peace and shade.

Buzi has already shared his real estate fortune in this way in several American cities, and is now looking to Europe. Since Paris is a no, you might want to head over to London or Madrid in the first week of July and see if he succeeds there. His some 643 000 Twitter followers (@HiddenCash) will see that he might not have given up on Paris though, wondering whether he should hide iPhones, cheese or wine instead. Followers follow up, suggesting gift cards, tickets – and deodorants.

Having more money than he can spend, Buzi assumes the finders need it more than him, pointing out that he also donates to charities.



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