Baby Sensory

Have you heard of Baby Sensory classes? This award-winning parental programme, founded in the UK in 2003 and designed especially for babies between 0 and 13 months, has recently come to Luxembourg.

The programme offers a wide range of activities for development and fun in the first year of life, which is an important time for the development of a child.

  • We have lots and lots of stimulating activities for babies, covering all areas of sensory development, explains Oriana Paul, owner of Baby Sensory Luxembourg.

The various Baby Sensory activities aim to enhance visual, auditory ad tactile sensory experiences, and physical contact through massage, cuddling, rocking, touching and reflexology. The use of sign language, songs, music, rhymes and puppets promote early speech and communication skills. The activities are designed to cover physical, social, emotional and linguistic development as well as awareness, coordination and concentration.

Baby Sensory class in Luxembourg. Courtesy of Baby Sensory Luxembourg

Baby Sensory class in Luxembourg. Courtesy of Baby Sensory Luxembourg

Baby Sensory classes might be a way to connect even more with your baby, and also with other young parents. In Luxembourg, there are classes for 0-6 months olds and from 7-13 months olds, with a maximum of 15 babies (+ parents) per class, for an hour of structured activities and free play. If you would like to try it out with your baby, the last chance before the holiday is on July 26th.

For calendar and more information, check out Baby Sensory Luxembourg on Facebook or the Baby Sensory website.




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