Distillery Day

“D’Miselerland brennt!” It is not as dramatic as it may sound, we’re talking about the annual Moselle Distillery Day, when the distilleries along the Moselle will open their doors to the public, offering spirits tastings, local culinary specialties and more.

The Moselle Distillery Day is always on the last Sunday in October, presenting the art of distillation, closely linked to the art of wine-making and part of the art de vivre along the Moselle. The local produce has long traditions, 200 years ago there were about 2000 distilleries in Luxembourg. Today there are about 80 distilleries left, and they typically manufacture Eaux-de-vie and Marc (resembling grappa), to go with a meal, to add flavour to your cooking, or to enjoy as a digestif.

The participating manufacturers will be happy to introduce you to the spirits-making process and let you taste the finished result, and several restaurants in the region offer “menus distillation” on this day.

For more information (in French) and a list of participating distilleries and restaurants, go to Visit Moselle.



Distillery Day│ Moselle region│ Sunday 26th October  from 10.00 am


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