A culture shock guide for Christmas

Hélène Rybol is the woman behind the Culture Shock Toolbox, a website for expats and international students – or future ones – and travelers, filled with musings, checklists and mantras. Now she is out with an e-book on the same theme. Christmas gift idea?

Culture Shock – A Practical Guide is a how-to guide that will help you deal with the challenges of culture shock. It will help you understand and identify your reaction to culture shock and give you tips you can apply anywhere, anytime.

Hélène helps you deal with issues and emotions when you arrive in a new place, giving you heartfelt and very useful information and advice to ease the transition, lessen the stress and digest everything that’s going on around you in these new surroundings, things that will easily make you feel overwhelmed. But the ebook is not only for first time travellers, students or expats, according to Hélène:

Hélène kindly offers CLEW readers a 5% discount until 30 December 2014, using the following coupon at Smashwords: PZ36F. Get your copy of Culture Shock – A Practical Guide here:




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