Tuesday is Clew’s day

When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait for Tuesday. Every Tuesday I’d run – because back then you could run both through the neighbours’ gardens and in the streets – to the local grocery store, because back then there was always a tiny grocery store near your house.

I’d fling the door open and the two ladies working there would know my name and I would know their names and they would know what I wanted and then they would go and get it for me.

I still remember the layout of our local grocery store as if I did my shopping there yesterday. The candy, which would quite often be what I came there for, was behind the counter, and I had to ask one of the nice ladies to pick from the boxes and fill up a paper cone, 1 centish a piece. My mum, being a regular, had a small notebook where the sum of candy galores was neatly written down with a pencil and then she would pay at the end of the month. The ladies would know I was only allowed to buy candy on a Saturday, but sometimes they’d make exceptions.

Some of those candies still exist and that makes me really nostalgic. But candy wasn’t what I came there for on Tuesdays. What I came there for on Tuesdays was in the back room, set aside for me every week.

Sometimes the ladies would let me come with them, and behind a curtain there was a treasure trove, semi-dark with rickety wooden shelves. They’d get out a roll with our name on it, and unfolded that roll was why I couldn’t wait for Tuesday to come.

Out of that roll came Donald Duck, Scooby Doo, the Flintstones, Archie, Beetle Bailey, Secret Agent X9, Garfield and Mad. Tuesday was cartoon day and later on teenage mags day. I’d run even faster back home and throw myself either on to the sofa in my room or a blanket in the garden and I’d read.

Tuesday was the best day. And from now on, Tuesday is CLEW’s day. Our articles and musings will be published every Tuesday, and maybe, just maybe, it will recreate some of the stability and anticipation of my childhood Tuesdays.

Thanks for becoming a Tuesday reader!

Tuesday is CLEW's day!

By Unni Holtedahl, Tuesday 6 January 2015

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