Luxembourg 12 points

CLEW takes a look at Luxembourg in numbers and digs up a few more or less useful numeric facts:

1 – number of reigning Grand Dukes in the world. Reason good enough to keep the monarchy? We are of course talking about His Royal Highness Henri Albert Gabriel Félix Marie Guillaume de Luxembourg.

2- hours away from Paris, roughly. Go!

Photo: Ann-Kristin Øvreeide.

Photo: Ann-Kristin Øvreeide.

3 – Once upon a time, Luxembourg was almost three times the size it is now. The Belgians came and helped themselves to a large chunk – adding insult to injury they didn’t even bother to change the name of their new territory (Province de Luxembourg).

5– number of times Luxembourg has won the Eurovision Song Contest (only beaten by Ireland with 7 wins – darn that Johnny Logan!).

18 – hours of sunshine in January. So we noticed! But hey, this is February!

32 – years since Luxembourg last won the Eurovision Song Contest – a ballad worthy of the contest and the decade.

78 – number of TV- and radio stations in the RTL (Radio Television Luxembourg) Group.

170 – nationalities living in Luxembourg, from Antigua and Barbuda to Zambia.

Photo: Anje Kirsch

Photo: Anje Kirsch

191 – rainy days in Luxembourg. Rubbing it in!

559 – that’s how high (in metres) the hill Buurgplatz in the north of the country is, thinking it’s the highest point in Luxembourg – it even has a proud sign saying so – taking all the glory whereas neighbouring hill Kneiff is actually 1 metre taller! Who the hill do you think you are, Buurgplatz?

1437 last year for the Duke of Luxembourg to also be King of Bohemia. Now there’s an alluring title!

1500 – that’s how far Josy Bartel ran (in metres) when he won Luxembourg’s only Olympic gold medal in 1952. Next!

1821  when the first sentences in Luxembourgish were printed in the weekly Luxemburger Wochenblatt. Dat ass net schlecht!

17200 – hectolitres of crémant produced per year. Prost and profit!

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