Add Some Music To Your Day: Snowapple

In the online music world, one click leads to another, to one discovery after the other and one coup de coeur after the other. Clew shares musical clicks: Dutch girl band Snowapple.

Snowapple. The name alone makes you want to listen to the music of this refreshingly quirky girl group, and chances are you’ll keep listening. It might make you want to taste an actual snow apple for that matter. This apple is described as smooth and sweet, tender and tart, spicy and distinctive, snow white and crimson, delicious on its own yet blending well with other flavours. Much like its musical namesake. Makes you curious, right?

Snowapple. Photo credit

Snowapple. Photo credit

Snowapple’s new and second album Illusion was officially released last week. They themselves describe it as Goa trance, Country Punk, Contemporary Gipsy. A more (too) modest, perhaps more graspable, description of their music is folk/chanson. If we throw in Andrew Sisters meet Kate Bush meet Kurt Weill meet contemporary classical we might have them covered. Then again maybe not – these three girls are such a lot, playing with their voices and on several other instruments each. And on contradictions, as in the seemingly sweet Marry A Man where the lyrics reveal an image of marriage that is anything but sweet (key words bitches and guns). Snowapple sings mainly in English, but also in Dutch and French.

Getting this special combination takes one opera singer (Laurien), one jazz singer (Una) and one singer of Latvian folk music, modern jazz and Brezilian popular music who’s also a composer and conductor (Laura).

Beautiful, mysterious, intelligent, unpredictable, fun, feelgood. The snow apple – the apple that is – is described as hardy and long-lived. Let’s hope the same for Snowapple the band. Click for yourself!


A Clew click by Unni Holtedahl, February 2015

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