Have your cake and eat it too

Bergamote Restaurant, 2, Place de Nancy, Belair. Gourmet restaurant with feelgood factor much thanks to the people working there. Casual, relaxed and friendly athmosphere, and the right place to discover the taste of – bergamot.

Bergamot macaron at Bergamote

Café de Paris, at the Place d’Armes. Wine bar and bistro. A CLEW fav for an after-shopping crémant or a glass of wine, and the menu is tempting as well (and we love the lamps above the counter). Get a window table for people-peeping.

Cakebox, 30, Rue de Clausen, Clausen/Lux City. Clew’s Dan says: “Looking for a place to go for coffee, tea, and a pastry or piece of cake? A place that’s off the beaten path but not too far off? A place with a feminine décor of pink and beige and white? But it’s not just for ladies. There are a fair share of men in there, as well, having a bite to eat or getting something to take away. That place is Cake Box, an elegant little patisserie in Clausen. There are three small tables for eating in or else you can get something to go; cakes and pastries, bread rolls and sandwiches. All are made on site and they’re fabulous. Plus, you can place an order for any occasion. So when you are looking for bit of flavorful fluff, check out Cake Box. It’s an easy walk down to rue de Clausen or bus #9 can take you down and back up. There’s also ample parking nearby.”

Tue – Sat 08.00 – 18.30│Sun 08.00-13.00│Mon: closed

Photo credit : Cakebox

Photo credit : Cakebox

Konrad Cafe & Bar, 7 Rue du Nord in the city. CLEW loves the warm, cosy, casual, vintage Scandi athmosphere, the food, the coffee…and the laughs (there’s a comedy club!)


Knopes Café at Robin du Lac, 70, Route d’Esch in town. Part of the concept store there, cool, industrial feel, mix & match furniture and the excellent – and for many well-known – Knopes coffee.

Lea Linster Deli, 4, rue de l’Eau in town. For her famous madeleines, or other delicious cakes, or olive oils, jam, patés, wine… Check it out for yourself. A few tables where you can sit down and enjoy a madeleine or to or three, If you’re lucky, Lady L herself might be at one of the tables, calling out a cheerful bonjour as you enter.

Pavillon Madeleine, 30 rue du Moulin (in the park), Kayl. Lea Linster’s feelgod bistro, in a cool “box” in the park in Kayl. Inside it’s really cool as well, and really jovial. Watch the chefs at work and get distracted by the display of delicious madeleines Lea Linster style (hence the name of course). Make sure you bring some of them home with you. Playground right outside.

Photo: Unni Holtedahl

Photo: Unni Holtedahl

Happ, 2 rue Henri VII, Limpertsberg. For a happy, healthy and casual meal. Low key and friendly.

Happy Hour Tapas. A festive pleasure that can be found from 17:30 to 19:30 Tuesdays through Saturdays at Roud Haus am Braustüb’l at 273, rue de Neudorf. Cold plates and hot plates are both available either inside or outside on the large terrace in back. The restaurant’s groovy decor –driftwood suspended from the ceiling and Dali-esque lamps – makes it a great place for lunch or dinner, as well. A feelgood tip from Dan.The local épicerie, the little one just around the corner, with not much of a selection but surprisingly often just what you need and sometimes something yummy and homemade. Consider buying more than milk to help them stay alive. Like Cardoso in Belair.

The local Italian restaurant. We all need a neighbourhood restaurant to come back to again and again. Not necessarily for the food, but for the ambiance, for the waiter who knows exactly how far he can go when joking with you. and for their friendly attitude to children. Such a restaurant should have a certain kitch factor. It will often be Italian, like Torre in Limpertsberg.

Shopping malls…hang on a minute, is it possible to have that feelgood feeling in a shopping mall? It actually is:

Go to L’Instant Café at City Concorde and make sure you pick one of the plush chairs away from the corridor. Also make sure you have time to carefully choose and sip your tea or coffee, and to bring some home.

The cosy café at the Ernster bookstore at Belle Etoile also has a not-in-a-mall feel to it.

The deli/restaurant Le Gourmet in the Centre Commercial Laangwiss in Junglinster is really nice too (if you need an excuse to go there, there’ll always be something you need for your home at First Floor or Abitare Kids).

For more feelgod pics, check out the Feelgood Gallery.

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