DIY: Home spa

We’re not good at putting ourselves first; children, spouse, family, work and friends are often more important. All the more reason to find the time to do some self-pampering in the everyday, if only for a few minutes – and relax!

Home spa is one of my favourites – a warm bath, candles, perhaps a glass with something refreshing and a magazine and I’m in heaven. And a great thing with home spa: It doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg either. With simple ingredients you (or your kids/or all of you together) can make your own perfect spa products.


Bathing salt:
  • Mix 7 dl sea salt and 10 ts baking powder (optionally make the water more basic)
  • Add some essential oil such as lavender, rose, lemon.
  • You could add some colour; food colour or natural colours from beetroot or blueberry.
  • Add some herbs if you like.
  • Mix it all together and leave to dry on a dry surface.
  • Fill a jar or, like I did, an antique carafe and keep it in a dry place

diyspa_footscrubFoot scrub:

Mix a cup of sugar with a few drops of olive oil in a bowl and add some essential oil; peppermint is great for your feet (for colour I used a couple of drops of beetroot juice).


I also like to refill shampoo etc in glass bottles and carafes, it’ll make the bathroom look a bit more glamorous. Who said anything about the practical aspect?

Take the break you deserve!

Text and photos by Ann-Kristin Øvreeide, March 2015

Ann-Kristin Øvreeide has a true passion for interior, styling and photography. You can find out more about Ann-Kristin and her work on her website Mint by Me


  1. happylifeinc says:

    My version of home spa is to light some candles, make a cup of good coffee/tea and read an immersive book fiction or something with new ideas.

    Thank you for sharing 😘 Have a great day Mon Chéri


  2. Lauren Mcfarland says:

    Nice DIY home spa. Thanks for the great tips.
    I shared this article on DIY best posts.


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