Women are winning the race

For International Women’s Day last Sunday I was expecting to hear all the same statistics – as every year – showing us that women still do most of the work at home. Way to go girls! I’d say we should be proud of ourselves. Every year on International Women’s Day we should toast to our continuous success. Because (wo)man! are we awesome! Year after year we win this race and for some reason nobody is celebrating.

  • We are caring individuals often taking the lead when it comes to raising our kids.
  • We cook, we bake, we remember birthdays and help friends plan weddings and baby showers.
  • We love our husbands so much that we make sure he has clean clothes to wear and a fresh bed to sleep in.
  • We are in charge of the calendar and make sure everyone remembers their appointments and will most likely even drive the other family members to these events.
  • Many of us are creative; sewing, repairing clothes, face painting our kids for Halloween, baking unbelievable birthday cakes, decorating our homes in pleasant colors, and we gladly share all of these ideas, with others – posting pictures and helpful instructions online.

Honestly – I am tired of seeing these numbers and graphs pointing out that men and women are not doing the same things. Well – we’re not. There is nothing new there. In fact – this is the way things have always been. And maybe, just maybe, that is ok?

Maybe women are generally simply better at these things than men? Maybe men are better than us, generally, at other things? And does this statistic actually take in to account that there are a lot of housewives out here who do this full time?

Why would we all want to be the same?

Can we imagine a world where brides were expected to carry their grooms over the threshold 50% of the time after the weddings?

Ok, ok – I understand that for some women, not feeling “equal” to their spouses is a real problem and that it can be a burden when you feel you are doing everything while your husband is relaxing on the sofa – but maybe this says more about individuals than about couples in general?

I’m getting to my point here: I am a housewife. Not only am I a good housewife – I am also very proud of being one and very happy with this role. And I never for one second feel that my man is not appreciating the job I do. I am fully aware of how important I am to my family. My husband, who is a fantastic man in so many ways, would not be able to do what I do on a daily basis. The problem is, now my hard work that I do with love every day becomes part of a statistic that is trying to “prove” a negative balance between men and women.

Maybe the balance is not as off as we are told? My husband works long hours to provide for his family while I in return keep the house running smoothly. If your situation is different and you are not happy – talk to your husband about it!

I’d like to end this rant with a positive thought for all of us doing the majority of the household work – full time: Next time somebody asks what you work with – stand up straight, put the proud face on and answer: “I run the family business”.

Let’s turn this thing around and celebrate how great we are. Sisters, let’s pop open that bubbly and high-five each other!


Text & twist by Lisa Fuchs, March 2015

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