Click for a doctor, online booking for medical appointments in Luxembourg, quickly became a success and is now expanding:

From the start in September 2013, the ambition of Doctena has been to make medical appointments easier through an online booking tool, that patients in Luxembourg rapidly embraced.Today, the patient can choose from 60 000 available appointment slots with over 150 practitioners covering a wide range of specialties.

“Two thirds of the patients using Doctena see a doctor within a week. Our apps are particularly appreciated by the international community as you can search for doctors by language” says Patrick Kersten, founder and CEO of Doctena.

“Booking a medical visit is very easy. The patient can choose his favourite timeslot on his smartphone or on the website” he continues.

The Doctena doctors speak 20 different languages, and there is a large choice of English speaking practitioners.

Following the success in Luxembourg, a website was launched in Brussels and a new subsidiary has been created in the Netherlands. The company has been qualified for the ‘Young Innovative Company’ program by the Ministry of Economics of Luxembourg and is expecting to double the Luxembourg staff by end of the year.

If you haven’t already tried it and need a GP, dentist, psychiatrist, gynecologist – what have you –  go to, or get the app and your appointment is one click away.

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