The Expets!

When expats have pets, they are of course – the Expets! They come from different countries, in all shapes and sizes and with very different personalities – just like us basically. And like us, they like to get together. Clew photographer and dog photographer Lisbeth Ganer catches personalities:

Meet the Expets

WilmaWilma is old and wise – the leader of the pack. She was born in Sweden and she is a yellow Labrador.

FrankFrank is Wilma’s age, 11 years old. He is living in his own world, dreaming of food and Wilma. He was born in Holland and he’s a black pug.

BooteeBootee’s got a lot of character. She’s a lady, and she knows it! She’s a brown cocker spaniel and she’s French. Of course.

GraceGrace is young with life ahead of her, and she lives it at full speed! She’s Frank’s compatriot and she’s a Welsh springer spaniel.

MayaMaya – well, Maya is just friends with everybody… She was born in Norway and she’s a brown Labrador.

TigenWhat can you say about Tigen – he runs… and runs…and runs. If you can catch sight of him, you’ll see he’s a brown Irish setter, and he was born in Belgium.

CocoCoco is only one year old, but already she behaves like a teenager! She’s a golden retriever.


Praline lives up to her name; brown as chocolate and sweet as sugar. She’s a brown Labrador born in Germany.

Don’t you just love them! Stay tuned for more about the Expets!

All photos by Lisbeth Ganer. ©2014 and 2015 Lisbeth Ganer

Read more about our friends the Expets here.

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