The Expets II


When expats have pets, they are of course – the Expets! They come from different countries, in all shapes and sizes and with very different personalities – just like us basically. And like us, they like to get together. Clew photographer and dog photographer Lisbeth Ganer catches personalities:

Meet the Expets

Coco IIThey’re a happy crowd, the expets. Coco Walker does her best to  make sure they’re all well behaved. It might take a polite Brit to do that, and Coco is one. She’s also a springer spaniel.

BelleCoco has a hard time with some. Like Belle here – she’s a wild one! Oh well, she’s only 1 1/2 heard old. Belle is a yellow Labrador and she was born in Denmark.

KatiaYoung Katla – a.k.a. Mrs Speedy. Another challenge for Coco. She’s a flat coated retriever.

BayleySo little, and yet so big. Bayley is a 10 year old black Cairn terrier, and an American.


FrodiEvery group needs a clown. Frodi is happy to take on that role (don’t give up, Coco!) He’s a pug from Germany.

EllieFinally Coco gets some help! Ellie is very well behaved. She’s a golden retriever.


BilboBilbo doesn’t give Coco too much of a hard time either, as soft on the inside as on the outside. Bilbo is a Sheltie born in Luxembourg just 10 months ago.


BenjiBenji the puppy is everybody’s sweetheart. Benji the beagle from Belgium.

 Don’t you just love them!
All photos by Lisbeth Ganer. ©2014 and 2015 Lisbeth Ganer

Meet the rest of the bunch here and read more about our friends the Expets here.

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