The Luxembourg Food Academy

Attention all foodies: The Luxembourg Food Academy is launched! This non-profit organization aims to teach and inform people of all ages about food, nutrition and cooking, and to promote food education with a focus on regional, seasonal and sustainable food.

The Luxembourg Food Academy hopes to be a fun and informative platform that makes people aware of the impact that food choices have on their health, community, and environment. The two women behind The Luxembourg Food Academy are Isabelle Henschen and Anne Faber. Isabelle has a background in food science with a focus on nutrition and health. Through this initiative, she hopes to contribute to food education in Luxembourg, and to offer a peek inside the food industry. Anne – a.k.a. Anne’s Kitchen – is a TV chef and cookbook author, with a passion for food that she hopes to share and spread through the Academy. They both spend time travelling to discover other culinary cultures.


As is often the case in Luxembourg, the activities they will offer can be in Luxembourgish, English, French or German. The information on the homepage and on facebook however is in English, to allow the whole international community in Luxembourg to stay informed and take part in activities such as food education workshops, food events and food tours. Everybody interested in food, nutrition and cooking is invited to participate Whether it’s about getting an insight into the food industry, detailed information about food composition or acquiring essential cooking skills, the diverse agenda will offer many opportunities to engage with all things food.

The customised food education workshops are organised for individuals, groups, associations, schools or communities, on topics such as “how to read nutrition labels and ingredient lists” and “food safety at home”. Isabelle and Anne even offer workskhops as a corporate team building activity. Upcoming events are a coffee tasting workshop and a food photography & styling workshop – check them out here.

You should also check out their “Foodie Friday” tip, and Clew gladly shares the latest one: Getting local spring greens at the farmers market in Luxembourg City, including right now a variety of lovely, fresh chard.

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