Lëtz Create – Andrita Andrushka

Miranda van den Heuvel talks to creative people in Luxembourg and says “look, Luxembourg is creative! Here’s how and where!” The April talk is with Andra, also known as Andrita Andrushka, who – among other creative things –  helps children be creative through Interactive Cinemeducation.

1. What is CREATIVITY?

For me, creating is empowering. Creativity is happiness. It’s about being in love with life, and with oneself. I’m passionate about producing a variety of creative solutions to routines – whether these apply to the financial sector, gastronomy, fashion, sports, relationships, education, medicine or other fields.

Andrita Andrushka

2. How are you creative?

I am the founder and creative producer of Interactive Cinemeducation asbl – a center for multidisciplinary development and education through the means of cinema, media literacy and participatory filmmaking. Our aim is to develop a global creative network where everybody – irrespective of their backgrounds – gather to learn to express themselves through the art of participatory filmmaking. Depending on the participants, we call on medical professionals, child educators, coaches, psychologists and experts from the cinema industry to help the participants translate their own ideas into fresh, groundbreaking content.

One of the projects is 2030, WHEN i GROW UP, a monthly weekend movie atelier for children 4-11. Using a camera, toys, paper, objects, pens, mom’s make-up, dad’s necktie and whatever they can find – and more importantly, their imagination and emotions – children learn personal development through the art of storytelling, stop-motion, videomaking, media literacy – all in all through cinema.

For one weekend, children trade lives with adults and play different professions – baker, banker, dancer, designer, doctor, teacher –  and the ateliers are organised in a setting accordingly. Through their movies, children give adults creative solutions to worklife and everyday life

At the end of each workshop, parents receive a confidential report about their child’s participation and personality type. This report aims to measure psychological preferences in how children perceive the world, how they interact with it and how they make decisions.The goal is to enhance the child’s potential and foundation in life.

3.  Suggest a simple creative activity to our readers that can make them more creative

Work out while listening to good TED talks. A good TED talk can have an enormous effect on creativity. Add to this the endorphines produced when doing sports, this combination is great!

4. What are your top 3 websites for creative inspiration?

TED: www.ted.com
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com
Personal development blogger Mark Manson: www.markmanson.net

5. What are your 3 tips to become more creative in Luxembourg?

First of all – discover simplicity.

Next, be a student of Luxembourg. Never stop learning about its culture, people, expats, events, never stop reinventing your perspectives. Some suggestions below:

Places to visit: All the underground places in our video Happy (Luxembourg) – dance yourself through Luxembourg!

Activities: Creative cooking at l’Atélier de Cuisine Bertrand. June 6-7, we will organise a workshop here and kids are encouraged to come and play a professional chef and make a film.  I also highly recommend his workshops of productive and mmm… cooking.

People to meet: Clara Moraru and her Inspiring Wo-men

Things to see: 2030, WHEN I GROW UP – the web series created by kids in Luxembourg :-).


6. What’s your suggestion to make Luxembourg a more creative, innovative place?

In order to be creative, people must lose their fear of making mistakes, being judged or being wrong. This, in turn, demands lots of self confidence. Being creative means being sensitive. It’s not easy to put yourself out there and be vulnerable. This is why I would suggest that the government – and individuals – raise awareness and invest in educational activities for personal development through any form of art or platform towards creative expression. Initiatives such as 1,2,3 Go Social or Happy Luxembourg or Clew are great for instance!

7. Anything you’d like to add?

They say opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor. Dance for yourself. Dance like nobody’s watching. They are checking their phones anyway ;).


Andra, also known as Andrita Andrushka, interviewed by Miranda van den Heuvel, April 2015

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