Bring me outside!

When cleaning up my (husband’s) wardrobe, I found an old belt that is no longer in use. Instead of throwing it away I said to myself: «What can I do with this belt?».

beltI always have a project going, and right now it’s renovating a small cabin in Norway that sleeps 8 and has limited space, so I figured out that I needed to use the empty walls to save floor space.

I decided to use this belt to collect old blankets and quilts and hang them on the wall for guests to bring with them out into the garden, for a picnic, or for sunbathing on the beach. The perfect use for my husband’s old belt!

belt_collageI sanded the belt a bit to make it lighter before stamping on “you may bring me outside” with letters that I bought at the craft store.

belt_collage2This way the guests get a clear message, it’s easy to gather and bring, plus it takes no space on the floor or in the closets.

Idea, text and photos by Ann-Kristin Øvreeide, June 2015

Ann-Kristin Øvreeide has a true passion for interior, styling and photography. Learn more about Ann-Kristin and her work on her website Mint by Me

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