Time for a change: Look Therapy

Change is a permanent feature throughout our lives, an element with many facets that are often interlaced, some positive, some less positive.

There are sought changes, unavoidable changes, unexpected changes. Endless combinations of changes, sometimes scary, because it is more comfortable to settle for what we already know, just “to be sure” and “avoid mistakes”.

However, even what you can classify as adverse at first can take on something positive later, simply because it will form a part of your background, and thus enrich us and make us both similar and different at the same time.

Seasons change, fashion changes, our body and our perception of it changes, our expectations change, and with that, our priorities change, in what might seem like a time-lapse that we sometimes would like to control and dominate.

But what is change? When is change a good thing? When does this noble process happen? What is worth a change?

Sometimes we change far beyond our intentions, and sometimes it is very hard to change – change can be such a dilemma. But it must have happened to everyone at least once in their lives to feel that shiver, that sometimes sudden and sometimes crazy insight that makes you want to revolutionise everything and be lifted away from the dust and monotony you’ve been walking in for too long, making your days and mood grey.

It is in these moments that the desire for new perspectives and change take place. Sometimes, a change on the surface pushes us to want to change on a deeper level.

Look Therapy

Look Therapy is a sort of “shock therapy” for when you bang your head into a wall of daily routine and monotony. Look Therapy is nothing but a change in your look, and if you think it is a thing of little significance, know that the cute word “therapy” is there for a reason: According to research, the act of reinventing ourselves might have huge psychological benefits such as an increase in self-esteem and optimism.

© Christophe Boisson | Dreamstime.com

© Christophe Boisson | Dreamstime.com

In fact, a change in our appearence might activate new sources from which new perspectives and points of view might spring. The positive effects are not limited to an improved image of ourselves, they might also improve interpersonal relationships; new perspectives and openness to change being essential parts of relationships with others.

In some ways, we convey the image we have of ourselves to the world, and this means that the better the relationship with ourselves, the better the relationship with others. A change of appearance can represent an excellent starting point.

All well and good, but still, you might want to keep away from flaming redhead or fluorescent and animalistic outfits. OK, they might be cool, but “cool” doesn’t rhyme with “it’s for you” if it doesn’t match with your personality.

Change is fine, but you could run the risk of making changes that are too drastic, causing a refuse for change in the future. The advice is simple: make a change that respects and represents who you are; wear your wellness first, because what makes fashion unique is your own style. And that’s it.

Sometimes, a changed appearance reflects a deeper, inner change, and a need to align inner and outer change, a bit like a phoenix rising from the ashes, and we can make that change in our everyday lives. Other times, there is nothing to discover behind a haircut –  maybe just some split ends!


By Silvia La Rosa, June 2015.


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