Prawns in a gutter

If you visit Norway during the summer, you’ll discover that Norwegians love to eat prawns, to the point where we regularly host prawn parties. We like to serve them simply with butter, mayo and lemon, on a piece of white bread. And peeling is part of the fun!

So when I recently hosted a «Norwegian» garden party in Luxembourg, prawns were on the menu, but to serve them, I had to think a bit out of the box since the tables were so narrow and the serving space limited. Off I went to the hardware store to buy 8 meters of gutters – more or less the length of the tables. First I filled them with ice cubes (in sealed bags to keep the water froam soaking the prawns as they melted), then I topped the gutters with prawns, butter, lemon and mayo.

No heavy plates to pass around and easy access for all the guests. Not to mention the cleaning afterwards; the garden hose did the trick!







Idea, text and photos by Ann-Kristin Øvreeide, July 2015

Ann-Kristin Øvreeide has a true passion for interior, styling and photography. Learn more about Ann-Kristin and her work on her website Mint by Me

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