H & G country

Now, if you think that when you’ve seen one Hansel & Gretel town you’ve seen them all, Limburg might just make you change your mind.

Close to Koblenz and about a 2 hours drive from Luxembourg –  depending on whether you opt for the Autobahn or the winding road between the Moselle river and steep, vine covered hills, past quaint villages with countless Weinstuben (and yes indeed, with the Hansel & Gretel factor). The Altstadt (Old Town) in Limburg is quite big and extremely well kept with houses leaning in all directions and details everywhere – and so H & G you want to start eating the several hundred year old houses (food is not what you visit Germany for anyway…). The Limburger Dom, looking down on the gingerbread houses, is magnificent and surprisingly colourful. The Altstadt is what you come to Limburg for, and it is well worth it.

If you want to stop on the way, Cochem is beautifully located by the river, and the climb to the Burg (castle) is a nice one. Besides, this place makes you feel really young – most of the restaurants have “Seniorangeboten” (senior menus) and for  a reason. Speaking of restaurants, Zum Kapuziner is a good one! A small, cute terrace overlooking the river and with surprisingly tasty tapas dishes to go with the local wine. And speaking of wine, if you wish to do a wine tasting, Markus Molitor is a good bet.

Take a tour:

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Text and photos by Unni Holtedahl, August 2015

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