Kitchen Table Conversation

ASBL’s in Luxembourg are invited to suggest topics for a free demonstration of a Kitchen Table Conversation centered on their concern:

Kitchen Table Conversations are an innovative process designed to gather information and test concepts. With over 1,000 Conversations successfully conducted for a variety of organisations in 47 cities in 9 different countries, the hallmarks of this methodology are listening and lively debate.

The suggested topic should be aimed at helping the ASBL resolve a difficult issue, finding opportunities for innovation, or engaging stakeholders. Rick Wolfe (Toronto, Canada) the creator of KTCs, will moderate this fast-paced and enlightening conversation.

If you have an important issue or need an answer to a burning question, register your interest to provide a topic for the KTC as soon as possible (see ASBL Free KTC Session). Two topics will be selected and the ASBLl’s will be invited to participate in a Kitchen Table Conversation demo on September 15 or 16.

This event is being offered in conjunction with a Kitchen Table Moderator Training Program offered through StratAffect.

In addition to doing demonstrations using topics from 2 ASBL’s, the training program will reserve two spots for representatives from different ASBLl’s to attend the program for free. To apply for your free spot, complete the application (see ASBL Training Participant).

Be part of the Conversation

Course participants will learn the intricacies of moderating the KTC process in a three-day training program in September. Part of the learning process includes observing Kitchen Table Conversation demonstrations moderated by Rick Wolfe.

Individuals who are interested in participating independently are encouraged and welcome to register online. All program participants should have some experience in facilitation, coaching, negotiating, communication, marketing or training to ensure that they are able to receive the full benefit of the moderator training.

To get an idea of how this process works, watch a clip of Rick Wolfe’s Kitchen Table Conversation for the University of Waterloo in Canada.  Please click Kitchen Table Conversation Moderator Training to find details of the program.


Clew, September 2015

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