Leaving Luxembourg: Lisa’s favourites

Like every expat who has moved countries a few times, also I get asked – so which is your favorite country so far? And my answer is always a smile and the well rehearsed: Well, every place has its ups and downs…

And every country we’ve lived in has a special place in my heart. Having just left Luxembourg after 3.5 years, moving on to Germany – here are a few of the reasons I am happy we had the chance to live in the Grand Duchy:

There are endless routes for hiking through the beautiful nature of this tiny country. Pick from green mossy forests, walks along rivers, picnicking among the vineyards, exploring castles – or doing all of it in one hike. Our favorite was the Berdorf hike with its fairytale scenery.



The music events all through summer. Never anywhere else have I been to so many open air concerts. Always plenty of people and always a great atmosphere.

Sneaky Pete on stage

Sneaky Pete on stage

The Ally McBeal street. I know I’m confusing you here. My husband and I called it so because it looks like the street Ally always crossed in most of the episodes. Especially at dusk, coming up to Christmas, with the lights hanging in the trees. I am of course referring to Rue Beaumont – the east part.

And while we’re on that street – I loved Vis à Vis right on the corner of this street. Many evenings ended there with a glass of wine after dinner in town.

Another favorite bar/ café would be Konrads. My go to for morning tea with friends. Always sitting at the same table.

And since we lived on Kirchberg I have to mention the European Quarters. The amazing golden towers of the European court and the newer brown glass building next to them. Perfect for taking a photo walk with my husband on a sunny Sunday afternoon, finishing off by passing the Philharmonie on the way back.





So thank you Luxembourg for giving us unforgettable memories during our time there. Life moves on, and so do we, but we will always be grateful for every place we’ve lived.



Text and photos by Lisa Fuchs, September 2015

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